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Approach to Counselling

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Crossways sees the value in many areas of clinical and medical support. We specialise in Christian counselling based on the biblical worldview and the premise that fundamental problems in life are caused by our sin, sin against us and the consequences of living in a fallen world.


Most fundamentally, the Crossway Counselling Centre (CCC) Team believes that the solution to this can only be found in the grace of God and His redemptive work in Christ Jesus, as revealed in the Word of God and applied through the powerful and life-giving operations of the Holy Spirit. Although this sounds very ‘Christian’ our services are available to anyone prepared to engage with God’s transforming grace. 


At its very heart, Biblical Counselling is the careful and correct use of the Word to encourage, rebuke and comfort one another in the midst of everyday life. The purpose is to help people grow in their understanding and application of God’s Word to their particular situation and problems. To find out more on our approach to counselling:

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