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What to Expect

Expectations you can confidently have of Crossway

When you make contact with Crossway via email or phone, you can expect a pleasant and enthusiastic response, almost always within 24 work hours (Monday – Friday) of your contact. There will always be someone who will take the time to talk you through any questions you have about Crossway, including which counsellor is likely to be the best fit for you.


Better still, when you come on-site at Crossway, you can expect:

  • Plentiful free parking – there are two parking bays directly in front of Crossway and you are welcome to use the large Church car park next to Crossway.

  • To be greeted by a friendly reception neat, comfortable, welcoming facilities. The Crossway Counselling Centre is in a converted house, now exclusively used by Crossway. It is private and discreet. 

  • Absolute confidentiality and for your privacy to be respected in all your contact with Crossway.

  • To be offered a hot drink or glass of water, or to be free to help yourself to such. You are welcome to take a drink in with you when your session starts.

  • Sessions to run on time. If you are running late, please phone the Crossway reception to let them know.

  • Your counsellor to listen well and to warmly and insightfully provide wise counsel. Your counsellor will give you their undivided attention. And sometimes they may even give you homework! We request that you turn your phone off so that you too can focus on the time you are investing in each session and that you make the most of the opportunity to grow, by diligently attending to any homework you may have been given.

  • Expect to be significantly helped. If your counsellor does not think that they can provide the help you need, they will refer you to another counsellor or another service.   

  • Expect your first session to be absolutely free. If you decide to continue counselling, expect to be given a Client Contract to review and sign. This document isn’t as scary as it sounds – it simply and helpfully documents the way forward. The client contract does not oblige you to any set period of ongoing counselling.  


Expectations that Crossway has of you if you come for counselling:

  • Honesty - it is very difficult if not impossible to help you if you are not open and honest with your counsellor.

  • Diligence - You may be given growth tasks by your counsellor that will encourage lasting change. For your progress, it is important that you complete them.

  • Perseverance - complex problems rarely vanish overnight, and long term habits virtually always take time to change. You will never be locked into a set number of counselling sessions but we expect a commitment to persevere long enough for you to give yourself a good opportunity for growth.

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