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How does Biblical Counselling differ from other forms of counselling?

Biblical Counselling is the ministry of God's Word to others in dealing with life’s challenges, for the problems people face. It is the Word of God speaking life into all personal situations in a formal, scheduled appointment, and conducted within a safe environment.


Do I have to believe in God and the Bible to come to counselling at Crossways?

No! All Crossway counsellors are Biblically informed, caring Christians, who are competent and eager to help, irrespective of your faith or lack of faith. Our conviction is that God’s truth will help all people, irrespective of personal faith. 


Why has NBBC established Crossways? 

Almost everyone faces very difficult territory at some point in their lives - but high-quality, God- honouring counselling options are very difficult to find. For over 6 years, NBBC has been informally providing Biblical Counselling for people connected with the church. Crossway is an extension of this service for the Christian community of all of Perth and for the wider community.


What accreditation do Crossway Counsellors hold?

Australia does not have a mandatory accreditation system for counsellors. Crossway Counsellors are especially carefully chosen for their commitment to and demonstrated skills and abilities in Christian and Biblical Counselling. This includes formal training, clinical experience and clinical supervision (all Crossway Counsellors receive clinical supervision). Biblical Counselling Australia (BCA) is seeking to establish a national accreditation system, which Crossway encourages its counsellors to engage with. Most Crossway counsellors have accreditation with the Australian Counselling Association. But most significantly, Crossway counsellors have a demonstrated track record of really helping people!


How many appointments should I have?

Most people seeking our services choose to benefit from multiple sessions. We typically begin by meeting weekly for four weeks, then every other week for a period. Each counselling situation is different – ultimately you are in control of how many sessions you choose to have, and your counsellor will be happy to give you guidance on this, with absolutely no pressure.


What if more than Biblical Counselling is needed? 

We do not discount the role that other professionals and medication can play, nor the fact that some people are not open to Biblical Counselling. We will refer and encourage counselees to receive whatever help is needed. For some, more than Biblical Counselling may be appropriate, but rarely will less than Biblical Counselling be helpful. Biblical Counselling deals with the heart using the most insightful tool on the planet, assisted by the most powerful Being in the universe.


Will counselling help my marriage if my spouse won’t come with me?

Of course, when we face marriage challenges, it is usually best when both parties are eager to grow and make changes. However, there is always hope and always a way forward even if only one of you is prepared to come for counselling. We encourage you to positively seize all opportunities for growth and development.


Does Crossway offer online services?

Crossway Counselling Centre is predominantly a face to face, on-site service, however, it offers a face to screen service to clients who are unable to utilise face to face counselling at the Centre’s premises. Crossway only uses encrypted online platforms (like Zoom) to conduct this form of counselling and respects a client’s privacy by ensuring that workspaces used for face to screen counselling are private and suitable for counselling. Face to screen services carries the same cost as face to face services.


Can Crossway help me in an emergency?

Crossway strives to help clients find lasting health and strength, but it isn’t an emergency service. If you are facing an emergency, please attend a hospital emergency department or access a 24-hour phone-based emergency service such as: 

  • Emergency services, 000 – for Police or ambulance.

  • Lifeline,  13 11 14 - Crisis support and suicide prevention service.

  • Beyond Blue, - 1300 22 4636 -  Anxiety and Depression Support Service.

  • Domestic Violence Helpline, 1800 007 339 (24 hours) - Family Violence Response Service.


Can Crossway be part of my NIDS funded care?

NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which provides support for Australians who are living with a disability, as well as support for their families and carers. With a current plan, eligible NDIS participants can access Crossway to help manage and overcome mental health difficulties. To be covered, your NDIS  plan must include the support category “Improved daily living skills.”.


Can I claim on my private health insurance or worker’s compensation?

Unfortunately, very few private health insurance companies offer cover for counselling services. Please check your policy or contact your provider. Crossway can provide you with a receipt. Insurance companies dealing with a worker’s compensation claim may be more open to covering counselling – please discuss this with your claim’s manager.    


May I sit in and observe my child’s/adolescent’s session?

In some instances, it is best for a counsellor to see the child/adolescent in the absence of their parent/guardian, and at times for the parent/guardian to see their child’s/adolescent’s counsellor in the absence of their child/adolescent. Crossway believes that God has placed and given parents/guardians a unique calling and responsibility in their children’s lives, so we will always seek to involve parents/guardians to the greatest extent that is helpful. It is usually helpful if parents/guardians remain on-site during counselling sessions.


Does Crossway offer pre-marriage counselling?

Crossway offers and recommends pre-marriage counselling. In addition, Pastors at NBBC are delighted to offer pre-marriage counselling, frequently utilising the PREPARE inventory. Please make contact through Crossways or directly with NBBC. Your exclusive pre-marital counselling sessions will be tailored to meet your unique needs as a couple and will have a Christ-centred focus woven into all of the following common areas of pre-marital counselling:

  • Marriage Expectations

  • The Basic Needs of Husband & Wife

  • The 5 Love Languages

  • Understanding & Handling Your Differences

  • The Dance between Closeness & Distance

  • Sex and Affection

  • Communication & Active Listening

  • Assertiveness & Conflict Resolution

  • Relationship Roles

  • Children & Parenting

  • Financial Management


It is recommended that you seek pre-marital counselling 3-6 months before your wedding date so that you have the time and space to give to this most crucial investment in your life together.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not given at least 24 hours’ notice in advance, you will usually be required to pay the full cost of the session. We will always work with you to minimise any cost.

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